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Havosoft International Limited

Since inception, we build solutions, maintain and support businesses with close relationships through Cyber Security and IT Operations advisory, best practices, IT system selection, procurement, custom development and integration considerations for different industries.

Our Company

We blend youth with experience creating a dynamic and aggressive team to satisfy our clients requirements. We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, who adopt the best practices in software development and application management by tailoring our solutions to meet the requirements of modern user experience, system performance and interoperability by leveraging on emerging programming technologies in order to overcome specific business challenges and needs.

How have we been able to deliver so far? - We are able to achieve milestones owing to the quality of our team member’s achievements passion for what they do, dedication and most importantly, the years of ‘Industry experience’ of delivering commercial-grade solutions. We have clients in all vertices of industry. Our cutting edge technology and experience means that we are able to cater to every industry in our line of products and solutions maintaining high standards in solution delivery having served over 1,000 clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the ideas and needs of our customers into business value by developing stable and innovative solutions with high-level expertise and competitive spirit.

Our Vision

We at Havosoft understand that achieving goals for our partners require a culture of constant motion. Exploring new technologies, being ready to handle any challenge at a moment’s notice, and mastering consistency in an ever-changing world—are what it takes to get there. Havosoft is equipped to do exactly this.


Team Members


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Ibironke Osofisan

Chief Operating Officer & Service Delivery Management

Anuchuka Ikemefuna

Director, IT Governance & Partnerships

Nuella Joseph

Head, Legal & Corporate Secretary

Otejiri Pearl

People Management

Sarah Aghasomwan

Head, Project Management & Compliance

Adesipe David

Head, Enterprise Software & Integrations.

Godsent Agundu

IOT, Mobile & Big Data Engineer.

Cynthia Agwuncha

Head, Customer Success

Ubani Daniel

IT Application Management & DevOps

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